lundi 7 avril 2014

Treasure Island Newsletter #12

Dear All,

Sorry for the long silence. A week after the show, I fell sick with a fever, stayed in bed for several days, and needed two weeks to fully recover. After that I had to catch up with all businesses I'd left aside to focus on the musical. 

I do miss your children and the view of their pictures on my computer fills me with joy. Too bad that per school district rules we are not allowed to share pictures on internet, because I have some beautiful ones to share, ones that it would make no sense to blur before posting because I want to share the pictures of the children's bright smiles and how happy they felt.

I offer Summer Camps, and hope you'll consider to sign your children up, please check my website

Cast party is this Wednesday April 9, 12:15-1:15 in the GLC.
All children, teens and Adults who participated in the making of Treasure Island are invited!
The children need to bring their own lunch and drink (from home or from hot lunch) to the GLC. Mrs Harvey will provide popsicles, and we will watch the DVD of the show.
The cast party happened later that we originally thought because we waited for the DVD to be ready (big editing work: Kudos to Aaron and his mom Sherry Tucker), and we also wanted to wait for the 5th grade helpers to be back from their Science Camp. 
Michelle and Serena were very touched my the card and the flowers, and the will also be at the party!

We need parents to help duplicate a copy of the DVD so every family will receive one.  Parents can do it at school on Wed or Thurs  when Mrs Harvey is there all day or at other times if you have the expertise to do so. Please email Linda Harvey at if you want to volunteer for this project.

Looking forward to seeing the children again,

Hao Bach-Thai Lueckhoff
Expressive Coach & Artistic Director
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