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The Little Prince Newsletter #7

- Sunday 9/7 3pm-6pm. Please bring a snack and water. 
- Finalize all songs: practice in small groups with Mrs Susan and/or Mr Maxim
- Finalize movement scenes (roses, baobabs, birds, storm, final birds): practice in small groups with Serena
- Finalize acting scenes: check with Hao
- Finalize costumes: check with parent volunteer?
- Individual "But the eyes are blind...": check with Darragh
4-5:15pm: Run-through
5:30-6pm: Brush up particular scenes as needed
- Saturday 9/13 1pm-4pm: Dress rehearsal. Please bring a snack and water. 
1pm-2pm: get ready
2pm-3:15pm: run through. Parents welcome to take pictures
3:15pm-4pm: re-run what needed


As mentioned, camera and video devices are not allowed on performance days (this is common rule to all theaters, for the enjoyment of the audience), with the exception of authorized staff member who capture on behalf of HaoExpression.
We got the pictures covered for all 3 shows. Any parent volunteer to videotape the performances for all?

I'd love to have one or two parents to help on 9/7 to check on costumes: check that all children have the appropriate costume and props in their bags, which they will cary to each rehearsal and performance. I'd also use some craft skills to cut some fabric (I planned for the children to do this because they love it, but I am wanting to give priority to rehearsal practice).

On the performance days, I'd need some volunteers to manage the house (let late comers enter at end of scenes only).

Show Tickets
I just talked with the theater and they were kind enough to add 10 more seats to each show, so there is more room to bring family and friends again. But don't wait too long because tickets are going fast. As I am writing now, we have about 10 seats left for each show. Tickets buying through me are $10 each.

Show Program
Click here for the Show Program draft. If your child didn't get a chance, please ask her to check that her name is spelled correctly, and appear where it should. Please email me all correction needed.

Costumes, Hair & Makeup

Top & Bottom
I'd like everyone to wear fitting clothing so it'll be easy to put a costume on top. 
- Girls: white fitting T-shirt, white capri, leggings or dance shorts
- Boys: white fitting T-shirt, white or black fitting shorts or pants

- Fox: orange T-shirt, orage shorts or pants if possible, else keep white or black shorts, leggings or pants.
- Little Princes: Mrs Mary Massee is making 10 Little Prince costumes. In case she wouldn't finish on time, plan B would be white top and white pants (like Amit and Ben at Camp 3).

Feet: dance shoes, gymnastic shoes, barre feet or white socks

Hair tied back except Little Princes who have short or mid length hair. In any case eyes must be seen from all audience: all bangs need be pull back. 

Face: Foundation, color near to skin tone.
Eye shadow: warm color (no blue). Color combination advised:

  1. gold, pink and brown.
  2. gold, beige, brown: for costumes in orange, green, yellow
  3. light grey, dark grey
Lips: Natural color lipstick (raspberry) and gloss (no bright red!). 
Cheeks: light touch of apricot or peach color. (No pink circles!)
Nails: Remove all nail polish before dress rehearsal and performances. 
Remove all jewelries except instructed by the director. 

Where to find info
I'm rather transparent in my process: all my work documents can be found on my website Details on project The Little Prince are on page Camps. To access the script and other info, look on right column, click on Script or The Little Prince Doc

- The script has evolved throughout Camps 1-4. If your child's part has changed, she/he may use the version they've learned during their camp.  
- I expect everyone to know all of their lines at the next rehearsal on 9/7: it's the last run-through before the dress rehearsal at the theater. And after that it'll be the performances!
- Finale: I am adding just one word to the sentence: "but". I find it sounds more powerful. The new sentence is now "But the eyes are blind, one must look with the heart." Please check one last time that the below translation is correct in your language. (Note that the original words in French are "chercher aver le coeur", the word "look" in the English translation should mean "to look for", not "to look at")

English / Darragh Jacqueline Jon      But the eyes are blind. One must look with the heart.      
German / Serena Paul Aber die Augen sind blind. Man muss mit dem Herzen suchen.        
Hebrew / Amit Ben אבל העיניים עיוורים. צריך להסתכל עם הלב.                    
Hindi / Ramita Sharada           आँखें अंधीं हैं, दिल से विचार करना चाहिये|                            
M… / Ananya?                                                                       
Persian / Saira اما چشم کور. باید با قلب است.                                                      
Romanian / Catrinel Dar ochii sunt orbi. Unul trebuie să se uite cu inima.
Russian / Sofya Но глаза слепы. Нужно смотреть с сердцем.
Spanish / Alana Pero los ojos son ciegos. Hay que mirar con el corazón.
Swedish / Clara Men ögonen är blinda, måste man se med hjärtat
Vietnamese /Danchi Dananh Nhưng đôi mắt vốn mù loà. Cần phải tìm kiếm với cả trái tim.
French / Clara Danchi Dananh Serena Paul    Mais les yeux sont aveugles, il faut chercher avec le coeur
Please send the correct sentence to me if you find any error. Thanks!

You'll find here all kinds of lists:
- songs 
- cast list for each show
- acting check list
- costume, etc...
In short, if you need to know anything, it's in it. 

Thank you for reading this long letter! I hope you are enjoying the ride as much as the children and I do!

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