lundi 3 décembre 2018

December Newsletter

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and had a chance to relax a bit!  December is going to be a busy month for us, please read through this email as it contains some important information with regards to the upcoming classes and events.  

Classes and Programs:

1.     Youth Program:  New Quarter started this week.  Please turn in your tuition as soon as possible if you have not already done so.

2.     You requested, and we listened!  New Classes and new times:
·       Ballet 3-6yo - WED 5:15-6pm (New Class!)
·       Ballet 7-11yo - WED 4:15-5:15pm (New Time)
·       Creative Expression 7-11yo WED 3:15-4:15pm (New Time)  
3.     We have transitioned to the new registration system Pike13!  Please go to as soon as possible to:
·       update or create your account
·       sign waivers
·       enroll for classes
Email or see Hao at the studio with any questions.

4.     No classes on Monday 12/10.  Take a well-deserved day off after the Winter Expression performance. (Class in Sunnyvale on going)

Winter Expression 2018:  Dec 08 Saturday, 4pm, 5:30pm, and 7pm
We are so excited about the upcoming performances this weekend.  The 4pm show is completely SOLD OUT.  If you or your child perform only in this show and still need tickets, please email to be put on a wait list.

Please get your tickets for the 5:30pm and the 7pm shows ASAP, tickets are almost sold out! 

Paper tickets are available at the studio and at the Movement-based Acting classes in Sunnyvale.

Performance program can be found here:

Happy Advent! Happy Hannukah! And keep on dancing!


samedi 6 octobre 2018

HaoExpression Newsletter 10/4/2018

Winter Performance

Save the DATE: Winter Studio Showcase Saturday December 8th, 2018. 

HaoExpression is a collective of dance and performance artists, 
skilled in their crafts and passionate about transmitting their art and experience. We are proud to have many recognized instructors, teaching diverse disciplines to children and adults; amateurs and professionals.  

HaoExpression encourages artistic expression in all forms. We create a space for everyone - at any technical level and physical ability – to progress in their disciplines and to express themselves authentically and artistically.

In this Festival of Expression, we would like each of HaoExpression class to present, in an intimate setting, a piece (or two) to show off what they have been learning in different classes: Ballet Expression, Modern Expression, Creative Dance Expression, Creative Expression, Movement-based Acting Expression, Vocal Expression, Flamenco Expression, and Yoga Expression.

Please discuss with your teachers or Hao for more details.  

We are going Paperless

In order to better serve you and to streamline the registration process, we are migrating our paper registration system to online registration. We're asking all students new and old who attend classes starting this Fall to register on our website. Please go to the page of the class you take most often and fill out registration form.

Staff and Class Announcements

Friday Oct 12 - Monday Oct 14
Ommi and Rudy are out of town next weekend.
Rudy will teach Friday 10/12 morning and noon classes (Ballet & Variation). Then Dawn will cover Rudy’s Friday evening Ballet, Saturday morning Ballet and Saturday Pointe. (No Partnering and no Variation classes).
All of Ommi’s Monday classes are canceled on 10/14

Sanne is taking a leave of absence to take care of family matters.  Our thoughts are with her, and we are looking forward to her return in January!

You Want These New Classes…We Listened!  

CREATIVE EXPRESSION starting October 10th
BALLET VARIATION starting October 5th
MEN'S BALLET starting October 6th
FLAMENCO Expression Starting November 8th

Now it’s your turn.  These new classes need minimum committed students to happen. Register for the classes you love to make them happen!

Conference in French

Louis XVI & Marie-Antoinette Part I 

Why was Coppola's film about Marie-Antoinette mauled by French critics? Join us for a fun and informative lecture on Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette and learn more about this royal couple who were always met with opposition. Learn how Louis XVI's actions led to the outbreak of the French Revolution, and learn how Marie-Antoinette broke the strict Etiquette rules imposed by Louis XIV.  
Sunday 10/7 (in French), 4:00 – 5:30pm, at HaoExpression Studio
You may also use a punch from your HaoExpression class card to pay for the conference. Reply to this email to book your spot. 

Refer a Friend!
            Spread your love of dance and refer a friend!  Get one FREE class after your friend completed their registration with an initial purchase of a 10+ Class Card
Don’t wait…offer good until November 30, 2018.

Have a wonderful week and keep on expressing yourself through art!

dimanche 31 mai 2015

The Trojan Horse - Newsletter #4

I have been revamping my website and in the meanwhile I lost access to my emails to addresses If you have sent me an email through these addresses and have not seen a reply from me, please send again. 
For now please use to correspond with me.

The show program is ready for print, please ask the children to check their names on  page 2 of the program and let me know if any think needs to be change. The program is on

On the new website I've added a page for Students to check for late news. The page is accessible through a button "Students Page" at foot page of the website
On the Students page, you will also find the Script, the theater day schedule, and more useful info.

Photos and videos are allowed for this performance for family and friends. Please do not use flash! I'd need to have some good pictures for public information purpose. If you are willing to take photos or videos for the entire show and share them to me please contact me. 

This week the children take home a HaoExpression bag with 7 complimentary show tickets, costumes and props that they'll need for the show, 1st layer brown if they need from us. 
At the end of the performance, please help them put back everything in the bag and return it to Serena Lueckhoff. We'll give them out again for the August show.
The children may keep the brown 1st layer for $10, additionally to the $15 performance material fee. All other costumes and props must be returned. 

During this school year the children have learned to find goodness within themselves, to find strength within quietness, and to bounce off of each other. They've made huge progress in expression and I hope you will enjoy the show, and will be proud of them. I am.

Happy Expressing!

Hao Bach-Thai Lueckhoff
Performing Art Instructor | Expressive Coach | Artistic Director 

samedi 9 mai 2015

The Trojan Horse Project - Newsletter #3

Upcoming performances

The Trojan Horse, private performance, Tuesday, June 2 - 7pm, Sunnyvale Theater
The Trojan Horse, public performances, August 29-30, Sunnyvale Theater.

The June performance is open to students having taken Movement Based Acting at the Sunnyvale Recreation season 2014-205. 
To attend rehearsal classes, register through the Sunnyvale Recreation Center, codes  624601-MP & 624602-FP (MP Monday, FP Friday). Performance fee $15 to HaoExpression. Students gets 7 complimentary tickets for family and friends. 

The August performances feature the more focus and expressive HaoExpression students from all locations. 9 y-o up and by invitation only, double casting. We plan to run 2-4 shows depending on interest. Show dates: SAT 5/29 4PM, SUN 5/30 2PM. Additional dates: SUN 5/30 4PM, SAT 5/29 6PM.  
Register through the Sunnyvale Recreation Center, codes 124603-MP. Performance fee $100 to HaoExpression.

Performance guidelines

Please check the Performance guidelines here.

All Cast Rehearsals

All is encouraged to attend class on Monday 6/1 4-5pm for an all cast rehearsal.

Work Ethics

I'd like to see the students coming to class ready to start, with hair tied up. 
They should remember to bring their script to class.
The script can be accessed on HaoExpression website, at the bottom of Acting page.
Please also try to be on time, attending warm up is important to becoming an expressive actor.

Private coaching

It takes inner strength and quiet self confidence to be an expressive actor. 
Each of the children and teen comes in with their own gifts and weaknesses. At this point of the training, most of the Friday students could use some private lessons to enhance their stage presence ans showmanship.
To schedule a session:

Hao Bach-Thai Lueckhoff
Performing Art Instructor | Expressive Coach | Artistic Director 

dimanche 22 février 2015

The Trojan Horse - Newsletter #2

This week is the last one of the January-February session. Parents are invited to watch a short studio recital 
Level 1: Monday 4:30pm 
Level 2: Friday 5:00pm 

Recital Program

The apple of discord 
- Legends and heroes,
- Thetis' wedding, 
- Eris' anger, 
- Fight for the Apple

The Trojan War
- On mount Ida: the judgement of Paris
- City of Sparta: Paris and Helen
- Achaean cities: Agamemnon forming allies 
- Troy: the arrival of the Achaean, the battle and revenge, the prayer. 

Level 2 students are invited to perform in Level 1 recital, and vice versa.
Performing dress code: white or black tight fitting clothing, hair tied up (if possible in bun), bang cleared from eyes. Dance or gymnastic shoes or barefoot.
Click here for Script

Mark your calendar:
- End of school year show case: Monday June 1st, 7pm. (or Tuesday June 2nd, 7pm.)
- Public performance: Aug 29-30, Sat-Sun

March-April session starts next week, please remember to sign up. 
All newsletters can be found at
To better understand my method, please take a few minutes to view video

Hao Bach-Thai Lueckhoff
Movement & Acting Instructor || Sunnyvale Community Center | Stocklmeir Elementary School | Bachrodt Charter Academy
Artistic Director, Producer || HaoExpression

samedi 13 décembre 2014

The Trojan Horse - Newsletter #1

Dear Parents, 

Next week is the last one of the Nov-Dec session. Time flies ! 
You are invited to a short studio recital 
- Monday 4:45pm (for the Monday group)
- Friday 5:15pm (for the Friday group)

I would also like to invite the Friday students, if available, to attend the Monday performance. And I'd like to invite the Monday students, if available, to attend the Friday performance.
They would then have the opportunity to see how two groups interpret the same story in two different ways. They may also be invited to act in the recital as support/ensemble. 
Particularly, I would like the Monday's Hera to fill in for the Friday's Hera who will be out of town next week.

To better understand my method, please take a few minutes to view video

Dress code actors: white tight fitting clothing, hair tied up (if possible in bun), bang cleared. Dance or gymnastic shoes or barefoot (socks are slippery).
Parents please plan to remove shoes prior to entering the dance studio, thanks!  :)

If you haven't done yet, a kindly reminder that I am collecting a one time $15 material fee, cash or check payable to HaoExpression. Thanks!

I have complementary tickets for Cassand Ballet's full length story ballet Gerda in the Land of Snow, today Sunday at 2pm and 7pm, at Cubberley Theater.
If you'd like to use them, please let me know how many and which show, I will leave the tickets for you at will call. You are welcome to give Cassand Ballet a small donation to offset the cost of the show. For more info on the performance, check

Have a great weekend! And I'll see you soon,

PS: All newsletters can be found again at

Hao Bach-Thai Lueckhoff
Movement & Acting Instructor || Sunnyvale Community Center | Stocklmeir Elementary School | Bachrodt Charter Academy
Artistic Director, Producer || HaoExpression