dimanche 22 février 2015

The Trojan Horse - Newsletter #2

This week is the last one of the January-February session. Parents are invited to watch a short studio recital 
Level 1: Monday 4:30pm 
Level 2: Friday 5:00pm 

Recital Program

The apple of discord 
- Legends and heroes,
- Thetis' wedding, 
- Eris' anger, 
- Fight for the Apple

The Trojan War
- On mount Ida: the judgement of Paris
- City of Sparta: Paris and Helen
- Achaean cities: Agamemnon forming allies 
- Troy: the arrival of the Achaean, the battle and revenge, the prayer. 

Level 2 students are invited to perform in Level 1 recital, and vice versa.
Performing dress code: white or black tight fitting clothing, hair tied up (if possible in bun), bang cleared from eyes. Dance or gymnastic shoes or barefoot.
Click here for Script

Mark your calendar:
- End of school year show case: Monday June 1st, 7pm. (or Tuesday June 2nd, 7pm.)
- Public performance: Aug 29-30, Sat-Sun

March-April session starts next week, please remember to sign up. 
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Hao Bach-Thai Lueckhoff
Movement & Acting Instructor || Sunnyvale Community Center | Stocklmeir Elementary School | Bachrodt Charter Academy
Artistic Director, Producer || HaoExpression