samedi 13 décembre 2014

The Trojan Horse - Newsletter #1

Dear Parents, 

Next week is the last one of the Nov-Dec session. Time flies ! 
You are invited to a short studio recital 
- Monday 4:45pm (for the Monday group)
- Friday 5:15pm (for the Friday group)

I would also like to invite the Friday students, if available, to attend the Monday performance. And I'd like to invite the Monday students, if available, to attend the Friday performance.
They would then have the opportunity to see how two groups interpret the same story in two different ways. They may also be invited to act in the recital as support/ensemble. 
Particularly, I would like the Monday's Hera to fill in for the Friday's Hera who will be out of town next week.

To better understand my method, please take a few minutes to view video

Dress code actors: white tight fitting clothing, hair tied up (if possible in bun), bang cleared. Dance or gymnastic shoes or barefoot (socks are slippery).
Parents please plan to remove shoes prior to entering the dance studio, thanks!  :)

If you haven't done yet, a kindly reminder that I am collecting a one time $15 material fee, cash or check payable to HaoExpression. Thanks!

I have complementary tickets for Cassand Ballet's full length story ballet Gerda in the Land of Snow, today Sunday at 2pm and 7pm, at Cubberley Theater.
If you'd like to use them, please let me know how many and which show, I will leave the tickets for you at will call. You are welcome to give Cassand Ballet a small donation to offset the cost of the show. For more info on the performance, check

Have a great weekend! And I'll see you soon,

PS: All newsletters can be found again at

Hao Bach-Thai Lueckhoff
Movement & Acting Instructor || Sunnyvale Community Center | Stocklmeir Elementary School | Bachrodt Charter Academy
Artistic Director, Producer || HaoExpression

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