samedi 9 mai 2015

The Trojan Horse Project - Newsletter #3

Upcoming performances

The Trojan Horse, private performance, Tuesday, June 2 - 7pm, Sunnyvale Theater
The Trojan Horse, public performances, August 29-30, Sunnyvale Theater.

The June performance is open to students having taken Movement Based Acting at the Sunnyvale Recreation season 2014-205. 
To attend rehearsal classes, register through the Sunnyvale Recreation Center, codes  624601-MP & 624602-FP (MP Monday, FP Friday). Performance fee $15 to HaoExpression. Students gets 7 complimentary tickets for family and friends. 

The August performances feature the more focus and expressive HaoExpression students from all locations. 9 y-o up and by invitation only, double casting. We plan to run 2-4 shows depending on interest. Show dates: SAT 5/29 4PM, SUN 5/30 2PM. Additional dates: SUN 5/30 4PM, SAT 5/29 6PM.  
Register through the Sunnyvale Recreation Center, codes 124603-MP. Performance fee $100 to HaoExpression.

Performance guidelines

Please check the Performance guidelines here.

All Cast Rehearsals

All is encouraged to attend class on Monday 6/1 4-5pm for an all cast rehearsal.

Work Ethics

I'd like to see the students coming to class ready to start, with hair tied up. 
They should remember to bring their script to class.
The script can be accessed on HaoExpression website, at the bottom of Acting page.
Please also try to be on time, attending warm up is important to becoming an expressive actor.

Private coaching

It takes inner strength and quiet self confidence to be an expressive actor. 
Each of the children and teen comes in with their own gifts and weaknesses. At this point of the training, most of the Friday students could use some private lessons to enhance their stage presence ans showmanship.
To schedule a session:

Hao Bach-Thai Lueckhoff
Performing Art Instructor | Expressive Coach | Artistic Director 

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